Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

Customer’s use of services constitutes full acceptance of this agreement.


The following constitutes the terms and conditions of the automatic billing agreement for Credit or Debit card payments, payments by check or cash. (All payment methods!) will bill your credit card or debit card as listed on your account based on the subscription term selected on your application for internet access. Your credit or debit card will be charged from the date your account becomes active at the interval you have chosen from the date your account becomes active until you request in writing via US Mail, fax or email, that automatic billing be discontinued. Quarterly payment invoices for check or cash accounts are sent at least 2 weeks in advance of their due date and are payable in full on or before the due date. bills your account based on the date of signon. Cancellations are based on the term chosen. Annual accounts may be cancelled and pro-rated based on the regular pricing for 90 days. After 90 days the account is only cancelable at the end of the term. Cancellations must be made in writing. Requests for cancellation are not retroactive. Lack of use of your account during the billing period does not release you from your payment obligation. is still providing you service until you notify us in writing.


This agreement does not relieve you of your obligation to pay for services if any charge submitted by is dishonored, charged- back or otherwise refused for any reason. All Accounts will be charged a late fee of $3.00 for each period of 30 days until the account is again current, starting on the day your account is charged. Returned checks will be assessed a processing fee of $25.00 plus the late fee of $3.00 for each period of 30 days until the account is again current. Accounts later than 30 days are subject to interruption of services. You agree to pay all reasonable collection charges and costs, including attorney’s fees and expenses of collection, if payment is not honored. There is a $.50 charge per incident for credit card charges where the billing address does not match.

TROUBLE REPORTING is not responsible for problems with your account which you do not report to us. It is impossible for us to troubleshoot your individual problem unless you call in or email us with the problem you are experiencing. (It’s ISP not ESP!) While you need to use your computer in order to access the internet, is NOT a computer repair center. We will be glad to recommend a repair center to you. is not responsible for your individual area phone line quality, though we will be happy to have them checked for you. Sometimes the phone company is more responsive to us than to individual users and we have been able to initiate the upgrading of phone lines in areas where multiple customers have experienced problems. Your problem could be the beginning of helping your whole community!

SPAM does not tolerate SPAMMERS. The customer agrees that it is aware spamming is not acceptable and can cause denial of service for until the spam is intercepted and the spammer shut down. If any account at is caught spamming, THE OFFENDING CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT THEY WILL BE CHARGED A MINIMUM FEE of $300.00 PER COMPLAINT Plus any other fees or charges deemed appropriate by

THE CUSTOMER authorizes to make such charges if my account is discovered to be spamming through the Internet systems.

UNLIMITED LIVE INTERACTIVE ACCOUNTS sells unlimited live surfing. 24 x 7 connections are a separate business account and will be billed as such. Idle connections may be dropped and concurrent connections will be billed as double accounts.Keeping a PPP connection open artificially is prohibited unless the Customer has contracted for a dedicated 24 x 7 account.


Only one computer or router may be connected to the at a time for each internet account. Simultaneous multiple connections will be billed as additional accounts. Additional log ons may be purchased at a cost of $14.95/mo per log on.


Internet Services may be temporarily interrupted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, malfunctions, maintenance, improvements, acts of God, or as required to protect network resources and security. Advance warning may not always be an option, though will strive to inform its customers as soon as possible. No refunds are given for service interruptions. Down time in excess of 24 hours may be awarded an extension of service on a case by case basis.


Accounts choosing the FILTER option understand that cannot block 100% of Adult Material on the web.’s policy is to ONLY block access to those portions of the internet which are deemed offensive based on the US Federal Government definition of what is viewable by minors. If a site is blocked or not blocked, which the customer feels is in error, the customer is responsible to report this to for correction.


All customers agree not to post or store information on servers which might be subject to filters, including but not limited to, pictures, graphics, text, audio or video files, and illegal software.


The customer understands that cannot be responsible for any electronically transferred content including computer ‘viruses’ and Trojan horse programs. recommends strongly that customers employ their own virus protection programs and regularly maintenance their computers to avoid loss of data and data corruption.

LAWFUL USAGE may only be used for lawful purposes. will cooperate fully with all court ordered requests for access to files stored on ISP servers. Unlawful use or misuse of the system in any way is prohibited and will result in immediate termination without refund and will be charged any fees or penalties appropriate. All costs to for any such actions will be the responsibility of the customer.


Customers should take steps to guard all secure information including account information such as names and passwords. The Customer is responsible for all use of their account and should request a change of passwords if customer suspects his account information may have been compromised in any way. Customers understand that EMAIL is NOT a secure form of communication and can be intercepted in any number of different ways. recommends that EMAIL NOT be used to send any form of secure or sensitive information.

No user on the internet should include credit card or banking information via Email. Also, do not include credit card or banking information on any form on the internet via a browser unless the key at the bottom indicates that you are using a secure server at the time. WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SEND BANKING INFO OF ANY KIND VIA EMAIL! Any request to do so is SPAM and should be reported as such.


These terms and conditions contained herein supersede all previous representations, understandings, or agreements and shall prevail in any dispute between and Customer. Customer agrees that, should be found liable in a court of law for any action related to the use of service,’s liability shall be limited to the unused balance of Customer’s monthly payment, pro-rated to reflect Customer’s current month.


You are responsible to be sure the number you are dialing into is a local number for you. If you are not sure, please double-check with your local phone company or town/city clerk. is NOT responsible for ANY long distance phone charges.

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